Recruitment company Costa del Sol Job Finder Spain

Job Finder Spain is the Costa del Sol’s premier recruitment company.

Recruitment company Costa del Sol, here an introduction for Job Finder Spain. It’s a great company, I might be biased, I’m Andrew Watson and I work there. Still, I work there because I think the company is doing everything right and I just wanted to post a brief introduction on this blog site .

View of the Coastline in the Costa del Sol Spain
View of the Coastline in the Costa del Sol Spain.

Here’s why Job Finder Spain is the Costa del Sol’s premier recruitment company:

  1. It’s privately owned (so the company cares about the service it provides)
  2. They don’t just do a “CV search, they test and interview a number of candidates before they supply them to the clients.
  3. Their Talent Acquisition Outsourcing service is a complete package facilitating the best in Staff recruitment on the Costa del Sol

The reason that Job Finder Spain started is that most companies work like this:

  1. First they advertising in one of their favorite job portals, or perhaps a couple and maybe pay for an ad in the local Expat paper under “situations Vacant”. They limit the amount of places they advertise because they don’t have the time to go through the process of filling in the forms and they choose only a couple of places because after the best (in their opinion) ads have been placed, there is a diminished return on additional advertising because it means a lot more CV’s to process but not necessarily many more good applicants.
  2. Then they chose the top 2 or three applicants based on thier CV’s. Any more and it takes too long to interview them.
  3. They interview those top few candidates and make a gut decision on who they think is the best for the job.

Seams reasonable right? Except for one thing. They are choosing the people who drive the business. Unlike, say, fast food employees working for a franchise (with honed processes), the actual ability, attitude and experience of a person can make the world of difference in most businesses. It’s widely accepted that personnel are extremely important and yet very few people give the process the due diligence it deserves.

So lets compare the above recruitment process with this a professional recruitment company Costa del Sol :

  1. Job finder Spain has a network of dozens of sources which attract high quality professionals for many reasons re-entering the job market, moving on after leaving another job or arriving in the area after moving house to name a few. Many of these people wont even look further after they have signed up with Job Finder Spain. The majority of these people are a cut above the people who visit job portals or read the local ex-pat newspaper.
  2. From these sources hundreds of applicants are considered with abilities which closely match the prerequisites of a customers position.
  3. The applicants are narrowed down to the top 10-15 people all of whom are interviewed, aptitude tested and personality tested.
  4. From them, only a couple make it through to be presented as a candidate for the job.

Job Finder Spain logoThe quality difference is incredible not just because of the work that Job Finder Spain do to make sure of that, but because Job Finder Spain want your continued business – as any company does so have an absolute vested interest in a company clearly seeing a vast difference these candidates bring to a business.

For example, can you imagine the benefit to a company from having an employer that is just 10% more driven, 10% more experience and 10% more capable. How much does the sales they make, or quality of work that they do add to a company’s bottom line? When you think about the actually cost to a company to do it their way (including time, advertising and rehiring costs if they get it wrong!) then recruitment starts to make real sense. Especially if it’s handled by Job Finder Spain who have very reasonable rates.

So if you are in the market for a recruitment company Costa del Sol or any location in Spain, consider hiring Job Finder Spain. They are growing rapidly because they’re doing a great job. At the end of the day, that’s what it all about isn’t it?